Monday, 29 November 2010


Are you pondering what on earth to buy your other half? Here's a Top 5 List of awesome general ideas of what to get that special someone this year.......

1) Activity Day.
Boys love thrills and what better to get him than a fun packed experience day of driving a Ferrari or Army Boot Camp training.
2) Watch.
If you find yourself stuck, a new fancy watch always goes down a treat with the boys. Look at his current time piece and get something similar ,but better, or maybe there's one he's had his eye on.
3) Gadget for his office.
 Get him a personal and fun desk gadget, like a digital photo frame of you both for the romantics out there, or a fun catapult or funky desk figure.
4) Novelty Stocking Fillers.
Fill a stocking full of little treats, such as, funny boxers, sweets he likes, or a keyring.
5) Something Useful.
Men aren't like women, they like things they actually need and can use. So if there's something he has been saying he really needs or could do with, get it!

1) Spa Treatment.
This is an all round amazing gift. Us girls will always have a need for a massage, facial or foot rub, so get her a gift voucher or pre booked (and pre paid!) appointment with her local beauty salon for the perfect pampering treat.
2) Romance.
Get her a gift that literally says 'I love You', whether it's in the form of a love shaped pillow, or a cute teddy, that declares those special words.
3) Expensive Chocolate.
Not Roses or Quality Street, but actual real and pricey chocolates.
4) Jewellery.
We all love sparklies and shiney gifts.Make sure you know her tastes in jewellery, such as gold or silver? prefer bracelets or necklaces? Once you have this information, get her that beautiful piece of sparkle.
5) Her Favourite Book.
It seems such a simple or boring gift, but if done the right way it can turn into a memorable and brilliant present. In other words, get her a limited edition and special version of her favourite ever book and place a small inscription inside the front cover.

Friday, 26 November 2010


In the run up to Christmas, we all need a little 'me time', so why not try filling your stocking with these treats I love for all your 'Kinky Krimbo' needs!

Top 10 Ann Summers Stocking Fillers:

1) Chocolate Mooning Santas - A tasty treat for those chocoholics out there.

2) Snowman Pouch - Get your man to wear this amusing snowman pouch and give yourself that visual entertainment you need.

3) Tease the Season Briefs - Cute and sexy red briefs with slogan.

4) Sexy Advent Calendar - Give yourself something to wake up for each morning with this sexy AND tasty calendar.

5) Xmas Ding Dong Hat - Don't go with the boring and basic Santa hats, wear one with a little more sex appeal!

6) Sexy Miss Santa - It's that time of year again girls! Time to get yourselves a sexy santa outfit for all those Xmas parties.

7) North Pole Apron - Not to be confused with a kitchen apron, this sexy piece of lingerie leaves little to the imagination and covers your 'pole' areas just as it should.

8) Pull my Cracker Thong - Another hilarious and sexy thong for your man to adorn for you.

9) Snowman Balls - Yummy and fun treats that make a perfect stocking filler and gift.

10) Santa Kini - Yes girls that's right, forget the standard, humiliating mankini, here comes the Xmas version!

If you would like more info on all these gorgeous gifts .....


Anonymous: I don't trust my boyfriend.
Iv'e been with my boyfriend for 2 years and whilst things have been good I am now worried he may be cheating on me.
I asked to see his phone, as I had seen a text from a girl, and he refused. I checked it the next day and all his texts had been deleted. Is he hiding something?

Princess: This is a very tricky situation. Trust in a relationship is a very hard thing to keep and sometimes when we are insecure in ourselves we tend to read too much into things. Snooping in his phone is not the best way to go about things, as it destroys his trust in you at the same time, making it impossible to know if he is genuinely hiding something or simply angry at you for snooping.
You need to talk to your boyfriend (not shout or accuse), just calmy sit down and chat about what it is you are worried about. Apologise to him about checking his phone and explain why you did it. This is more likely to help him to open up to you and chat  about the reasons his texts were deleted.
In my personal experience ,I have had this happen to me and unfortunately, there is no way as yet, to tell if he is cheating on you. Accusing him everytime he does something shifty will only lead him to get his back up and you will both argue. You need to address your own trust issues first and communicate with your man. If the behaviour continues, you need to ask yourself if you can trust this person and enjoy your relationship together.

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Thursday, 25 November 2010


1) Rebound - If he isn't over his ex yet ,chances are he wont be ready for a real relationship, so let him go and find someone who doesn't have the rebound bug.

2) Deal Breaker - You have committed one of his relationship sins without realising it, but if he doesn't like you for who you are he is simply not worth it anyway.

3) Status Anxiety - The Facebook status that says 'in a relationship' after just one date may prove too much too soon for the poor chap, so hold back on any status updates or bragging to everyone about your new 'boyfriend' until you both have the chat about where you are in the relationship.

4) Insecurity - He may have lost all trust in women due to a bad previous relationship, or been cheated on. Don't rush things and let him build up his trust in you. Patience is a virtue and you need to show him your there to stay and like him for who he is.

5) Those 3 Words - Saying 'I love you' too early in a relationship can cause it to turn on its head, so be careful muttering those words at the beginning. The sudden rush of a crush and lust can often get too confused with love in the early stages.

6) Genuine Number Loss - If you wrote your number down on his arm or a piece of paper, chances are he actually lost it. Men can be quite useless when comes to remembering numbers or where they put them. Make sure you both exchange numbers and save into your phones, that way if you haven't heard from him, drop him a text and take control.

7) He's a Player - Ah ,the serial dating addict. He makes you feel like your special and the only one he's interested in, when in actual fact he has about 2 dates a week and is enjoying playing the field too much. Let this one go fast!

8) Permanent Bachelor Boy - not to be confused with a player, they have been single pretty much always and whilst they like the notion of having a girlfriend they can't seem to turn that into reality for long. Don't waste too much time with these.

9) Science - Two people need chemistry to work and if it's just not there there's no point worrying, as its something that cannot be forced.

10) He's Just Not That Into You- Just like in the film, sometimes a guy can come across interested but then change his mind the following day. It's not your fault and nothing you have done, it's just a simple case of he wasn't that into you.

If you're having any of these AWOL issues, decide whether or not he's worth it and if it can be fixed.If not don't worry your pretty head and move on. Plenty more frogs out there for you to kiss in your search for your Prince.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


The battle of the best boyrfiend is ALWAYS on. Yes us girlies really are that competitive!
We constantly compete with our other friend's  in the 'mine's better than yours' competition.
Have you ever noticed that whenever your beloved does something really nice for you, you take a mental note of what he's done so that you can bring it up with another girlfriend next time she's bragging about her boyfriend?
From being kids we all have been guilty at one point or another of saying the 'my dad's better than yours' speech, so it comes as no surprise that we do it with our fella's later in life.
Girls compete for almost anything, from better hair, nails, shoes and...boyfriends!
Our tactics come either directly ( face to face bragging), or indirectly (texts and facebook statuses).

Ways to Win the War:-
Girl 1: 'My boyfriend cooked tea for me.'
Girl 2: 'My boyfriend took me out for a fancy meal.'
Girl 2 wins.

Girl 3: 'We made love all last night.'
Girl 4: ' We had sex 3 times last night and I could barely walk he's that big.'
Girl 4 wins.

Girl 5: 'My boyfriend is taking me to Chester Zoo.'
Girl 6: 'Mine has booked a romantic weekend away.'
Girl 6 wins.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with anything the above boyfriends could have done, we still need our boyfriends to be better than our friends' boyfriends.
So come on boys, help your girlfriend out and getting booking that table or trip!