Monday, 3 January 2011


January is being deemed as National Divorce Month, because millions of couples don't make it through Christmas each year.
So as the festive season ends and the most popular time of year for being dumped approaches, here are my signs to tell if you're about to be dumped.....

  • He's busy all the time. Quality time together suddenly declines and you find yourself becoming less of a priority.

  • Only you do the calling. It has become one sided with the phone calls and you often have to leave a message.

  • He says he's in one place but is really in another. People don't lie for no reason, so if he's fibbing about where he is then there's a reason for his deception.

  • His friends are more distant with you. Friends often pick up on a relationship being over pretty quickly when someone wants out.

  • PDA's are gone. You used to kiss and hold hands when you were out, but now you are lucky if you get as much as a peck on the cheek.

  • New sex tricks crop up. If he suddenly starts showing some new moves in the bedroom, he's either avoiding a familiar emotional attachment with you ,or he's learning them from someone else.

  • He's vague about the future. If he can't even make up his mind about next Wednesday, it could be because he's planned to have no future with you by then.

  • He gives you a pat on the back. Being hugged by someone, who then pats you on the back is an indication they are uneasy.

  • You can't do anything right. If they are picking fights over every little thing you do, then something bigger isn't right and they may be trying to get you to dump them.

  • He has turned into a fitty. He used to wear your tracky bottoms around the house or wear yesterdays T-shirt again, but now he is suddenly going to the gym, buying Gucci suits, new Calvin Kleins and wearing more aftershave.

  • No more nagging. This is for the boys and may sound counter intuitive, but if your girl suddenly stops nagging and criticizing you, it may be because she has given up on the relationship and therefore sees no further point in putting energy into nagging you.

None of these are good signs, but instead of getting paranoid and fearful, get smart! Write a list to yourself of all your strengths, your friends and all his weaknesses. then have the talk with your partner to find out exactly what is going on. If they want out you will already have a list of all the great things about you and his bad habits you hate and a friend support network, in order to keep you strong and get through the breakup.

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