Friday, 11 February 2011


Facebook is already full of groups and pages about 'if you're single and miserable on Valentines Day' and 'How I wish Valentines would do one!'

Now I completely understand that as a single girl, Valentines must be a tough time and quite sickening with all the lovey dovey crap everywhere ( I have been there). But I want to tell you something...stop moaning! You don’t realize just how good you've got it!
Before you start calling me a bitch, who has no idea because I’m in a relationship, then let me explain.

Valentines Day is built up to be the most romantic day of the year and everywhere you turn there are flowers, hearts and teddies. Now, us girls love romance! We daydream of romantic dates, being swept off our feet, receiving love letters and slow music to candlelight. In reality, most men don't know the meaning of romance. The best that attached girls get on Valentines Day is a last minute present and card from a supermarket, a meal at a busy ( and packed full of other couples, therefore soooo not intimate) restaurant, and some late night, half drunk sex. No star gazing, horse drawn carriages or real romance in sight.

Now, before the guys start calling me a bitch, I said most men, not all men! And it's not your fault you don’t understand this romance thing, you’re drawn in by all the cheap gifts and cliché stuff in shops and your minds are too busy with guy stuff to carefully plan a date. There are some guys out there who do come through and offer romance, but I’m talking to the girls out there who have a misguided view on just how romantic non single girls really have it. Your not missing much, trust me! In fact, your more than likely going to have a better and more relaxing night on your own than a lot of poor attached girls out there! Follow my 'Single Girls Guide to Valentines Day' for your perfect evening and please stop whinging at the fact you are so hard done by because you're single this weekend!

As for you men out there, remember a girl wants to be made to feel special and unique, so a last minute and rushed gift just makes us feel crap.

As for my man, I was there when you proposed, so I know you can be romantic and I have faith in you and love you, so you are excluded from this.


Spa Treatment.
Nothing says pamper better than a voucher for her favorite treatment and it will leave her feeling like a Princess.

Ah yes, the ever appreciated bunch of flowers. But it must be done right! If she has a favorite type of flower, get her those. If it has to be roses, make sure it's significant, like a rose for each month you have been together. Or try and push the boat out by getting them delivered to her with a sweet note saying 'From Your Valentine.'

I love this gift! It's a book with your own list of reasons as to why you love that person. Sweet and personal doesn’t even come close!

A carefully chosen necklace or bracelet will go a long way, but make sure it's something beautiful and romantic, that she would never go and buy for herself.

What Valentines Day would be complete without a heart shaped gift, whether its a keyring, heart cushion or gift.

Now I'm not talking about a box of quality Street or Celebrations here boys. I'm talking the expensive Belgian kind that cost a small fortune, because when it comes to Valentines Day the chocolates need to be good!

Boudoir Gifts.
From lingerie to sexy games and candles. Just make sure this isn’t the only gifts you get her and add something in there that’s romantic too.

A must have trend, especially for couples who live together.

Weekend Break.
Every girls dream is for her man to surprise with a romantic weekend away!

For the ultimate romantics out there. Name a star after her, then on your date, show her the stars and point out which one is hers as a surprise.


The most sickening and mushy day of the year is almost here, where couples everywhere declare their love for each other. But you're single, so does this mean you have to stay in and hide under the covers? No!!
Here are some suggestions of what to do on Valentines Day if you're single....

  • Spend the night with your crush. Whether it's George Clooney, johnny Depp or Brad Pitt (for me it's Jared Padalecki), rent their movies and treat yourself to your favorite eye candy.

  • Exchange gifts with friends. Buy your single friend a valentine present, cute teddy or pair fluffy handcuffs and have a valentines with your friends.

  • Hit the town! Get your unattached friends and go out. Plenty of bars and clubs have events for single people on Valentines, so have fun!

  • Treat yourself. You don’t have to spend your hard earned cash on a guy, so spend it on yourself, with a manicure or new pair of shoes.

  • Go on a date. Just because you're single doesn’t mean you cant get a girlfriend or platonic male friend and recreate a date, with dinner and a movie.

  • Party! If you cant be bothered to see all the loved up couples everywhere, then stay in and throw a party for all your unattached friends.

  • Buy yourself a box of chocolates and indulge with a bubble bath and bottle of bubbly.

And remember to think how lucky you are for not having to go buy all the commercial heart and cherub shaped goods that shops force non singles to buy at this time of year!


The most romantic day of the year is approaching, but how can you make it a date with a difference? Dates generally go like this...dinner, movie or activity, sex. You could go to the shops and throw as many heart shaped valentine gifts into the mix as your wage affords, or you could try something different for your date that focuses more on romance.

E Card Invite. Send an e-card with a picture of a sunset inviting your partner to join you at a favorite park or place and watch the sunset together.

Recreate Your First Date. Go to the same place, wear the same clothes, order the same food and wear the same perfumes.

Fruity Indulgence. Make your own or buy some chocolate dipped strawberries, cherries or bananas. Blindfold your partner and feed them the fruit.

Get Bath Together. Set the scene with sumptuous bubbles, candles, music and champagne.

Serenade Them. Write a song and sing it to your loved one Romeo and Juliet style outside their window. It wont matter if you can't sing, as it's the gesture that counts.

Treasure Hunt. Set up notes and clues while they are out and let the present be you! Set a trail so that they go to a fridge full of strawberries to try, a bath full of rose petals, lingerie set out on the bed to put on, a glass of champagne in the living room to drink, then finally you with roses and a smile.

Go Italian. In ages gone by, the Italians celebrated Valentines Day by going to parks with lovers and listening to music and poetry readings. Recreate this by going to your favorite park and reading love poems to them with a bottle of wine.

Carpet Picnic. February is a cold month, so why not set candles out and lay on a blanket on the floor and have a romantic picnic indoors.

Naked Chef. If you're a man, why not wear a bow tie and waiter apron and nothing else! Then serve your partner a lovely home cooked meal.

Bring the Restaurant to You! A lot of restaurants now offer a takeout service, so try a romantic meal at home with a professionally catered meal.

Star Gazing. Do a little research on which local places are good for stargazing and take your loved one to see the stars. Get some binoculars and planisphere to help. Buy a star named after your partner, then surprise them with it whilst star gazing.

Horse Drawn Carriage. Hire one and snuggle under the blankets for the most romantic drive ever!

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Each year the shops fill with Valentines goodies and each year we celebrate the most romantic day of the year (or avoid it like the plague if we're single). But what exactly is Valentines Day about and what is the real meaning behind it?

St Valentine is derived from both Christian and Roman tradition. There once was a few Roman martyrs called Valentines, but the St Valentine we all celebrate was a Roman priest who was killed for his faith on February 14 269AD. He had refused to worship pagan Gods and would marry many couples in secret.
The Romans held a festival on February 15th each year, called Lupercalia, a fertility celebration. But as Christianity rose and overtook a lot of Pagan holidays, Pope Gelasius turned Lupercalia into a Christian feast day to honor St Valentine in 496AD and changing it to the 14th..
Catholics and Protestants both offer a different version of the story of St Valentine, but both agree that St Valentine married soldiers in secret who opposed Claudius II's prohibition on marriage for soldiers. Claudius found out and executed him on February 14 269AD.
It is said that just before his death, Valentine asked for a pen and paper and wrote 'From Your Valentine' to a secret love of his own.
From then on February 14th became St Valentines Day, the day for lovers and it is said that Romans offered hand written messages, known as Valentines, to the women they loved.


The day my boyfriend proposed I was so taken a back that I laughed at him and took it as a joke. I had no idea and had clearly not seen the signs.
If you want to save your own boyfriend the embarrassment of what mine went through, keep a look out for the signs he may be about to propose.

He's Acting Nervous – Proposing to a woman is a frightening experience for a man, so his behavior may be slightly out of character.

Trying To Be Mr Perfect – He's suddenly started making the bed, giving you foot rubs and attempting to be the perfect boyfriend. Guys will pop the question only when they are sure the answer will be yes, so they attempt to be the perfect man to help put you in the best mood possible.

He Becomes Scrooge – diamond engagement rings aren't exactly cheap, so if he starts tightening the wallet about things he never used to, he may be saving for something shiney.

Are You Missing a Ring? - Your man may need to find your ring size and this may include looking in your jewelery box for a ring to get it sized.

Asking odd Questions – Is he suddenly asking questions about your future? How many kids you want? What color jewelery you prefer? These are signs he's ready to commit and get you that ring.

Family Orientated – Does he want to spend more time with your family, particularly your dad? He may be trying to get used to his new future family and if he's a traditionalist, he may be trying to get your dad onside in order to ask to propose.

Unexpected Outing – After all this odd behavior, he plans a vague romantic event for you, like a reservation at an exclusive restaurant or a weekend away.

Looking back, my man had been showing signs, but because I wasn't aware of them, I made it a joke and if only I had known he was acting like a man about to propose, my reaction would have been less embarrassing. I said yes of course and I hope your man, no matter where he does it, at least drops to one knee and asks you properly like mine did.
Good luck girls!