Friday, 11 February 2011


Spa Treatment.
Nothing says pamper better than a voucher for her favorite treatment and it will leave her feeling like a Princess.

Ah yes, the ever appreciated bunch of flowers. But it must be done right! If she has a favorite type of flower, get her those. If it has to be roses, make sure it's significant, like a rose for each month you have been together. Or try and push the boat out by getting them delivered to her with a sweet note saying 'From Your Valentine.'

I love this gift! It's a book with your own list of reasons as to why you love that person. Sweet and personal doesn’t even come close!

A carefully chosen necklace or bracelet will go a long way, but make sure it's something beautiful and romantic, that she would never go and buy for herself.

What Valentines Day would be complete without a heart shaped gift, whether its a keyring, heart cushion or gift.

Now I'm not talking about a box of quality Street or Celebrations here boys. I'm talking the expensive Belgian kind that cost a small fortune, because when it comes to Valentines Day the chocolates need to be good!

Boudoir Gifts.
From lingerie to sexy games and candles. Just make sure this isn’t the only gifts you get her and add something in there that’s romantic too.

A must have trend, especially for couples who live together.

Weekend Break.
Every girls dream is for her man to surprise with a romantic weekend away!

For the ultimate romantics out there. Name a star after her, then on your date, show her the stars and point out which one is hers as a surprise.


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