Friday, 11 February 2011


Facebook is already full of groups and pages about 'if you're single and miserable on Valentines Day' and 'How I wish Valentines would do one!'

Now I completely understand that as a single girl, Valentines must be a tough time and quite sickening with all the lovey dovey crap everywhere ( I have been there). But I want to tell you something...stop moaning! You don’t realize just how good you've got it!
Before you start calling me a bitch, who has no idea because I’m in a relationship, then let me explain.

Valentines Day is built up to be the most romantic day of the year and everywhere you turn there are flowers, hearts and teddies. Now, us girls love romance! We daydream of romantic dates, being swept off our feet, receiving love letters and slow music to candlelight. In reality, most men don't know the meaning of romance. The best that attached girls get on Valentines Day is a last minute present and card from a supermarket, a meal at a busy ( and packed full of other couples, therefore soooo not intimate) restaurant, and some late night, half drunk sex. No star gazing, horse drawn carriages or real romance in sight.

Now, before the guys start calling me a bitch, I said most men, not all men! And it's not your fault you don’t understand this romance thing, you’re drawn in by all the cheap gifts and cliché stuff in shops and your minds are too busy with guy stuff to carefully plan a date. There are some guys out there who do come through and offer romance, but I’m talking to the girls out there who have a misguided view on just how romantic non single girls really have it. Your not missing much, trust me! In fact, your more than likely going to have a better and more relaxing night on your own than a lot of poor attached girls out there! Follow my 'Single Girls Guide to Valentines Day' for your perfect evening and please stop whinging at the fact you are so hard done by because you're single this weekend!

As for you men out there, remember a girl wants to be made to feel special and unique, so a last minute and rushed gift just makes us feel crap.

As for my man, I was there when you proposed, so I know you can be romantic and I have faith in you and love you, so you are excluded from this.


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  2. Like your blog it's interesting and nice stuff this day is very special in couples life because in this day they shows there love to each other. But if you are single you can't do this..

  3. This is a great post! You have provided some great relationship advice for singletons and this is some really useful info! I agree entirely that you should look at the bigger picture.