Thursday, 10 February 2011


The day my boyfriend proposed I was so taken a back that I laughed at him and took it as a joke. I had no idea and had clearly not seen the signs.
If you want to save your own boyfriend the embarrassment of what mine went through, keep a look out for the signs he may be about to propose.

He's Acting Nervous – Proposing to a woman is a frightening experience for a man, so his behavior may be slightly out of character.

Trying To Be Mr Perfect – He's suddenly started making the bed, giving you foot rubs and attempting to be the perfect boyfriend. Guys will pop the question only when they are sure the answer will be yes, so they attempt to be the perfect man to help put you in the best mood possible.

He Becomes Scrooge – diamond engagement rings aren't exactly cheap, so if he starts tightening the wallet about things he never used to, he may be saving for something shiney.

Are You Missing a Ring? - Your man may need to find your ring size and this may include looking in your jewelery box for a ring to get it sized.

Asking odd Questions – Is he suddenly asking questions about your future? How many kids you want? What color jewelery you prefer? These are signs he's ready to commit and get you that ring.

Family Orientated – Does he want to spend more time with your family, particularly your dad? He may be trying to get used to his new future family and if he's a traditionalist, he may be trying to get your dad onside in order to ask to propose.

Unexpected Outing – After all this odd behavior, he plans a vague romantic event for you, like a reservation at an exclusive restaurant or a weekend away.

Looking back, my man had been showing signs, but because I wasn't aware of them, I made it a joke and if only I had known he was acting like a man about to propose, my reaction would have been less embarrassing. I said yes of course and I hope your man, no matter where he does it, at least drops to one knee and asks you properly like mine did.
Good luck girls!

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