Friday, 11 February 2011


The most romantic day of the year is approaching, but how can you make it a date with a difference? Dates generally go like this...dinner, movie or activity, sex. You could go to the shops and throw as many heart shaped valentine gifts into the mix as your wage affords, or you could try something different for your date that focuses more on romance.

E Card Invite. Send an e-card with a picture of a sunset inviting your partner to join you at a favorite park or place and watch the sunset together.

Recreate Your First Date. Go to the same place, wear the same clothes, order the same food and wear the same perfumes.

Fruity Indulgence. Make your own or buy some chocolate dipped strawberries, cherries or bananas. Blindfold your partner and feed them the fruit.

Get Bath Together. Set the scene with sumptuous bubbles, candles, music and champagne.

Serenade Them. Write a song and sing it to your loved one Romeo and Juliet style outside their window. It wont matter if you can't sing, as it's the gesture that counts.

Treasure Hunt. Set up notes and clues while they are out and let the present be you! Set a trail so that they go to a fridge full of strawberries to try, a bath full of rose petals, lingerie set out on the bed to put on, a glass of champagne in the living room to drink, then finally you with roses and a smile.

Go Italian. In ages gone by, the Italians celebrated Valentines Day by going to parks with lovers and listening to music and poetry readings. Recreate this by going to your favorite park and reading love poems to them with a bottle of wine.

Carpet Picnic. February is a cold month, so why not set candles out and lay on a blanket on the floor and have a romantic picnic indoors.

Naked Chef. If you're a man, why not wear a bow tie and waiter apron and nothing else! Then serve your partner a lovely home cooked meal.

Bring the Restaurant to You! A lot of restaurants now offer a takeout service, so try a romantic meal at home with a professionally catered meal.

Star Gazing. Do a little research on which local places are good for stargazing and take your loved one to see the stars. Get some binoculars and planisphere to help. Buy a star named after your partner, then surprise them with it whilst star gazing.

Horse Drawn Carriage. Hire one and snuggle under the blankets for the most romantic drive ever!


  1. Such a nice and good blog points are also awesome and helpful like this..

  2. These are great date ideas! Dates don't have to be always dinner outs but must be fun as well. Great post you got here. Thanks for the information that you've shared with your readers. :)