Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Come the 1st January, we all start making our New Year Resolutions, mainly about ourselves, our new diet, our new fitness regime or our bad habits we are getting rid of.
But we should also focus our energy on New Year Resolutions for the relationship we are in, as we may have overindulged over Xmas, but our relationships will have become malnourished in the process.

So here are some idead for your Relationship Resolutions for 2011.............

Have More Sex - The Xmas drought has been and gone, so it's time you both get back to the bedroom.

Hug More - Did you know 20 seconds of hugging can release a cuddle hormone called Oxytocin and makes intimacy greater for you both. Men need three times more hugs in order to get the same amount of Oxytocin, so get those arms wrapped around him!

Recommit - It can become too easy to take our other half for granted, letting life get in the way and assuming everything is fine. Remember your respect for each other and show your appreciation more.

Share New Hobby - Too much routine is definitely a passion killer, so find something new to do together, like a dance class or sport together.

I Love You - You may still say it everyday, but if it's over texts or from the kitchen while he's watching TV, then you need to connect better. Look into their eyes and say you love them and I guarantee you will be glad that you did!

Pitch In Around The House - This one is for the guys and trust me it's not just because you love her and should help more with housework. Researchers in the Netherlands found it can act as a link to female arousal, due to the relaxation and gratitude it brings. So I'll put it simply to you men...If you want more oral from your woman wash the dishes!

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