Wednesday, 22 December 2010


It seems the days of girls wishing they could be the next Coleen Rooney or Abbey Clancy are on the decline and more girls now dream of being a Princess.

Perhaps we are sick of reading about every footballers' new affair and infidelity scandal, but The Sun Newspaper recenlty published a poll for 13-19 year old girls with the results showing that whilst 35% admire Victoria Beckhams' relationship with the ever gorgeous David Beckham, 50% would rather have the realtionship of Kate Middleton and Prince William.

So with Princesses currently ruling the crown due to the recent engagement of Kate and Wills, the question begs will it last or will girls revert back to envying the WAGs?

Please girls, get your brain in gear and stick to preferring royalty over rubbish!

Princess Pros:
  • Posh frocks and posher parties.
  • Royalty and possibly a tiara.
  • Power to rule and worldwide respect.
  • Your very own decorative plate for people to put up in their cabinets.

Princess Cons:
  • Must behave like Princess and set Royal example.
  • Royal duties may get tedious.
  • Lack of freedom.
  • Public Scrutiny.

WAG Pros:
  • Married to a famous footballer.
  • Can make career and money off status without need for any actual brains or talent.
  • Great clothes and fashion deals.
  • Fame and fun parties.

WAG Cons:
  • Married to a famous footballer, so when he cheats you will be pubicly humiliated.
  • Spend a lot of time apart from your famous roving eyed footballer.
  • Seen as skanky and stupid.
  • Likely to develop eating disorder due to media calling you fat.

VERDICT: Princesses Rule!

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