Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Yes it's that time of year again when work places gather in mass for their Xmas parties along with the horrid outcome of embarrassing antics and drink fuelled ramblings that leave you too ashamed to head back to work on Monday.
This year make sure your office party goes well by taking note of these office party do's and dont's....

  • DO attend - It shows you are committed to your company and value team work.

  • DON'T turn up too late - people will be bored of meeting and greeting after the initial entrances and won't be interested in you.

  • DON'T wear your usual 'going out' gear - try a more conservative party dress from BHS or Marks & Spencers.

  • DO remember it's still a business event - you still have to work with these people on Monday.

  • DON'T buy tasteless or rude gifts for the Secret Santa - it's fine for your friends but not for work.

  • DON'T commit career suicide -  avoid being loose tongued or making a fool of yourself in front of your boss.

  • DON'T talk shop - people want to relax and enjoy their evening, so don't bore them to death

  • DO watch you language - as my mum used to say ' it's not big and it's not clever'.

  • DO circulate. -you may make new friends or get more favours done for you at work.

  • DON'T try to get off with a colleague - this is NEVER a good idea.

  • DON'T leave too soon - you may miss the most talked about event of the night.
Now you can go and enjoy your office party and hopefully be even more popular and relaxed come Monday.

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