Thursday, 9 December 2010


Single and Lonely

Anon: I've been single for 3 years now and have never even been in love. I'm 26 and all my friends are getting married and settling down and it makes me angry  that I'm not doing the same. I hate coming home to an empty flat every night and I'm worried I'll never find Mr Right.

Princess: You sound like you've been hurt in the past and now you care more about what's on the inside than just looks and that's great. Not settling for second best is a good trait and when Mr Right comes along he will share that with you.
However, I think you're focusing too much on needing a man to be less lonely and this is wrong. I always found men are like buses and when you want one they never turn up, so you need to try and focus more on you and making yourself happy first.
If you're finding your friends are all settling then why not make some new friends who are single? Take up a hobby like dancing classes to get you out of the house and meet new people, or try taking an evening course to fill your free time. If you feel your flat is still too lonely, maybe consider getting a cat for company as they make greats pets, are easy to look after and are brilliant for cosying up with on those lonely nights.
I understand how this time of year can be hard for people on their own, so you should also read my article on How To Survive Xmas Single, which has great pointers for why it's great to be alone this Xmas.

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