Thursday, 9 December 2010


Xmas can often seem like a couple's holiday, with everyone talking about what they are buying their boyfriend/girlfriend and people walking around holding hands, but being single during the festive period has many many ups.

1) No In-Laws - You don't have to put up with someone else's relatives or try to make a good impression for them. So you can be your usual self with own family without worrying that your mother-in-law is glaring through the back of your head disapprovingly because you just downed a jelly shot and accidentally mentioned your new tattoo.

2) Shop til You drop - with no shopping to do as a couple, you have the freedom to go in whatever shop you want without having to drag around a miserable looking man whilst you try on yet another pair of shoes.

3) No Budget - with noone to put a cap on your spending over Xmas, you can spend as much as you want with no guilt at buying that £90 pair of boots you've had your eye on.

4) No Present Panic - the hardest part of being in a couple at Xmas is stressing out over what present to get them and you will be missing out on the frenzy of finding the perfect present that expresses your relationship, meaning you can spend more time buying presents for yourself!

5) Partying - you can go out as much as you want ,as often as you want,without having to explain yourself to anyone or having a time you need to be back for.

6) Festive Flirting - it's the best time of year to flirt and what better excuse to kiss that eye candy than to be able to carry round the mistletoe!

7) Remote Control - you can watch soppy movies without having to fight over the TV remote and be endured to yet another Stallone movie.

8) Xmas Day - you wont have to enter negotiations over whose family to visit or spend xmas with, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy xmas the simple way.

9) Stuffing - yes that's right girls, you can sit in you pj's and stuff yourself with all the choccies and not feel guilty about it.

10) More Girl Time - without having a man around to keep you occupied, it leaves you with more time to spend with the girls, whether it's shopping or partying!

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