Thursday, 16 December 2010


Every year thousands of couples break up due to the sheer stress and havoc the Xmas period can bring.

With so many problems rearing their ugly heads throughout December, it's no wonder relationships come under fire and people often rail road through December, forgetting to keep their relationships on track. Whilst this isn't enough to break a couple up, if you then add all the issues that Xmas brings, it can all too often end up in disaster.

The most important thing to do is sit down with your partner before December and chat about Xmas and what you want from it. Talk about where you want to spend Xmas, what budget you had in mind and what you expect from your partner, this way you will both be clear on what's ahead and be able to get organised with planning and letting family and friends know your plans.

So let's take a look at a few of the most common problems that can arise.....

Problem 1: Finances and Overspending.
If things aren’t talked through and planned properly, it can all be too easy for overspending to occur and arguments to start over the money problems that follow.

Solution: Do a Budget.
Sit down with your partner and plan out a spending budget for Xmas, including gifts, food, and alcohol. If you both live together then you should already be used to budgeting your finances for the household so make it the same for December.

Problem 2: Where To spend Xmas.
You're torn between whose family to please and so you end up leaving it until the last minute, making it a touchy subject between you both.

Solution: Decide in November.
Have a chat the month before about where you both want to spend it and compromise on what to do before the tension builds. By coming to a mutual decision early on you avoid the last minute stress and let down of others, including your partner.

Problem 3: Lack of Romance.
With so much going on, you find the only time you spend together is either with family or whilst drunk at parties, which can create distance between you both and lower the intimacy and romantic time you spend together.

Solution: Stay In More.
Don't go to the opening of every envelope! Just as you planned in advance the Xmas budget with you partner, you need to also plan which parties to go to and prioritise you partying. Whilst Xmas is the jolly time of year for going out more, don’t overdo it, as all the issues of being too drunk or spending too much on alcohol rear their nasty faces along with making sure you spend less 'alone' time together. People often spend all of December focusing so much on the festivities they forget to actually keep dating and loving each other. Go see a movie or have a romantic night in and you will find not only is your love life kept alight, but it keeps the lines of communication between you both running smoothly.

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