Thursday, 2 December 2010


Here's a handy list of things to do if your currently snowed in with your spouse and want to avoid boredom and cabin fever....

1) Sex - Stating the obvious, but being stuck in acts as the perfect excuse to catch up on your life between the sheets and also keeps you warm.

2) DVD Marathon - Get the box sets out, put the popcorn on and catch up on all those series or films you haven't had time to watch.

3) Get Cooking - Spend the afternoon creating a winter meal together.

4) Games - Play cards, go on the console together or even dust off the monopoly boards. Try playing for forfeits and fun stakes, like winner gets a massage or loser has to wash up.

5) Build a Snowman - Get creative and have a best snowman competition.

6) Make Decorations - Create some personal Xmas decorations together for when it's time to put the tree up.

7) Bed Day - Curl up under the duvet together and watch TV in your pj's.

8) Changing Rooms - If you have been putting off any decorating or DIY, work together on it and finally get it done in time for Xmas. Or why not change a room around to creat more space for your tree.

9) Snow Play - Get wrapped up and go play in the snow! Snowball fights or even sledging brings out the kid in you, no matter what age.

10) Relax - Open a bottle of wine and chat with each other. Talk and communicate whilst you have the free time to rediscover your love.

Don't sit and do separate things whilst your snowed in, get active together and see how it brings you closer so you can have an even better and happier Xmas.


  1. Hello sweetie, I really hope you don't stop blogging, it's fun, cute, and actually quite factual! I normally just follow fashion blogs, but this one was ridiculously cute, and seeing as you're a fellow Wakefield girl, I couldn't resist.
    I'm following! Love, Chloe.Xx

  2. Hi Chloe, thanks for the comment, much appreciated and don't worry I am to keep going, so keep following and have fun Xx

  3. Great Blog! Day in bed is my personal favourite - sheets and skin keeping you warm. I think the more that couples are armed with facts on sex then it keeps there relationships cohesive; as a single guy these kind of tips are very useful ;) Keep blogging and I'll be following your writing with great interest.

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