Monday, 29 November 2010


Are you pondering what on earth to buy your other half? Here's a Top 5 List of awesome general ideas of what to get that special someone this year.......

1) Activity Day.
Boys love thrills and what better to get him than a fun packed experience day of driving a Ferrari or Army Boot Camp training.
2) Watch.
If you find yourself stuck, a new fancy watch always goes down a treat with the boys. Look at his current time piece and get something similar ,but better, or maybe there's one he's had his eye on.
3) Gadget for his office.
 Get him a personal and fun desk gadget, like a digital photo frame of you both for the romantics out there, or a fun catapult or funky desk figure.
4) Novelty Stocking Fillers.
Fill a stocking full of little treats, such as, funny boxers, sweets he likes, or a keyring.
5) Something Useful.
Men aren't like women, they like things they actually need and can use. So if there's something he has been saying he really needs or could do with, get it!

1) Spa Treatment.
This is an all round amazing gift. Us girls will always have a need for a massage, facial or foot rub, so get her a gift voucher or pre booked (and pre paid!) appointment with her local beauty salon for the perfect pampering treat.
2) Romance.
Get her a gift that literally says 'I love You', whether it's in the form of a love shaped pillow, or a cute teddy, that declares those special words.
3) Expensive Chocolate.
Not Roses or Quality Street, but actual real and pricey chocolates.
4) Jewellery.
We all love sparklies and shiney gifts.Make sure you know her tastes in jewellery, such as gold or silver? prefer bracelets or necklaces? Once you have this information, get her that beautiful piece of sparkle.
5) Her Favourite Book.
It seems such a simple or boring gift, but if done the right way it can turn into a memorable and brilliant present. In other words, get her a limited edition and special version of her favourite ever book and place a small inscription inside the front cover.

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