Friday, 26 November 2010


Anonymous: I don't trust my boyfriend.
Iv'e been with my boyfriend for 2 years and whilst things have been good I am now worried he may be cheating on me.
I asked to see his phone, as I had seen a text from a girl, and he refused. I checked it the next day and all his texts had been deleted. Is he hiding something?

Princess: This is a very tricky situation. Trust in a relationship is a very hard thing to keep and sometimes when we are insecure in ourselves we tend to read too much into things. Snooping in his phone is not the best way to go about things, as it destroys his trust in you at the same time, making it impossible to know if he is genuinely hiding something or simply angry at you for snooping.
You need to talk to your boyfriend (not shout or accuse), just calmy sit down and chat about what it is you are worried about. Apologise to him about checking his phone and explain why you did it. This is more likely to help him to open up to you and chat  about the reasons his texts were deleted.
In my personal experience ,I have had this happen to me and unfortunately, there is no way as yet, to tell if he is cheating on you. Accusing him everytime he does something shifty will only lead him to get his back up and you will both argue. You need to address your own trust issues first and communicate with your man. If the behaviour continues, you need to ask yourself if you can trust this person and enjoy your relationship together.

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  1. Respect his privacy but tell him you are considering having a fling on the side and ask him if he would mind. That'll shake him up either way. Then tell him you changed your mind and talk things out. Remember to smile sweetly. :D

    In my humble opinion.

  2. It would definitely have an impact but should be used as a last resort as it would create quite an argument and men don't like when women play mind games like that to get what they want, but yes you're right in one sense.