Wednesday, 24 November 2010


The battle of the best boyrfiend is ALWAYS on. Yes us girlies really are that competitive!
We constantly compete with our other friend's  in the 'mine's better than yours' competition.
Have you ever noticed that whenever your beloved does something really nice for you, you take a mental note of what he's done so that you can bring it up with another girlfriend next time she's bragging about her boyfriend?
From being kids we all have been guilty at one point or another of saying the 'my dad's better than yours' speech, so it comes as no surprise that we do it with our fella's later in life.
Girls compete for almost anything, from better hair, nails, shoes and...boyfriends!
Our tactics come either directly ( face to face bragging), or indirectly (texts and facebook statuses).

Ways to Win the War:-
Girl 1: 'My boyfriend cooked tea for me.'
Girl 2: 'My boyfriend took me out for a fancy meal.'
Girl 2 wins.

Girl 3: 'We made love all last night.'
Girl 4: ' We had sex 3 times last night and I could barely walk he's that big.'
Girl 4 wins.

Girl 5: 'My boyfriend is taking me to Chester Zoo.'
Girl 6: 'Mine has booked a romantic weekend away.'
Girl 6 wins.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with anything the above boyfriends could have done, we still need our boyfriends to be better than our friends' boyfriends.
So come on boys, help your girlfriend out and getting booking that table or trip!

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