Thursday, 25 November 2010


1) Rebound - If he isn't over his ex yet ,chances are he wont be ready for a real relationship, so let him go and find someone who doesn't have the rebound bug.

2) Deal Breaker - You have committed one of his relationship sins without realising it, but if he doesn't like you for who you are he is simply not worth it anyway.

3) Status Anxiety - The Facebook status that says 'in a relationship' after just one date may prove too much too soon for the poor chap, so hold back on any status updates or bragging to everyone about your new 'boyfriend' until you both have the chat about where you are in the relationship.

4) Insecurity - He may have lost all trust in women due to a bad previous relationship, or been cheated on. Don't rush things and let him build up his trust in you. Patience is a virtue and you need to show him your there to stay and like him for who he is.

5) Those 3 Words - Saying 'I love you' too early in a relationship can cause it to turn on its head, so be careful muttering those words at the beginning. The sudden rush of a crush and lust can often get too confused with love in the early stages.

6) Genuine Number Loss - If you wrote your number down on his arm or a piece of paper, chances are he actually lost it. Men can be quite useless when comes to remembering numbers or where they put them. Make sure you both exchange numbers and save into your phones, that way if you haven't heard from him, drop him a text and take control.

7) He's a Player - Ah ,the serial dating addict. He makes you feel like your special and the only one he's interested in, when in actual fact he has about 2 dates a week and is enjoying playing the field too much. Let this one go fast!

8) Permanent Bachelor Boy - not to be confused with a player, they have been single pretty much always and whilst they like the notion of having a girlfriend they can't seem to turn that into reality for long. Don't waste too much time with these.

9) Science - Two people need chemistry to work and if it's just not there there's no point worrying, as its something that cannot be forced.

10) He's Just Not That Into You- Just like in the film, sometimes a guy can come across interested but then change his mind the following day. It's not your fault and nothing you have done, it's just a simple case of he wasn't that into you.

If you're having any of these AWOL issues, decide whether or not he's worth it and if it can be fixed.If not don't worry your pretty head and move on. Plenty more frogs out there for you to kiss in your search for your Prince.

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