Sunday, 19 December 2010


Tis the season to be flirty, so here's my top tips on flirting this Xmas......

  • Eye contact - let your eyes meet and linger for just over a second. If he returns the gaze and smiles then he's interested.

  • Chat Up Line - Too much worrying goes into what to say first and the so called chat up lines often backfire, so instead comment on something mutual, such as, the food, music or decorations and allow it to act as a springboard into a conversation.

  • Body Language -don't fold your arms, look over their shoulders or appear tense as it all gives of a signal that you're not interested. Smile, listen and focus on them with your body turned towards them.

  • Less To Impress - don't try to drink them under the table, boast about what car or job you have and how much money you earn, because they won't be impressed.

  • Friendly - keep it light hearted and show that you are fun and friendly and whatever you do, don't bring up your aunt's death or your recent visit to the doctors.

Try these tips next time you're out for your festivities and grab yourself some flirty fun. But remember if they are already taken, step away and leave well alone.

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