Monday, 27 December 2010


So Xmas has been and gone for another year, but here's how to tell what your man really feels about you depending on what present he got you.

Run now! He desperately needs a maternal figure and I'm pretty sure the last time you checked, you weren't his mother.

Home Appliances
OK, so yes your vacuum did break and yes you have had your eye on that new flashy red toaster, but that doesn't mean you want it as a xmas present, right? A man that gets you this type of needed, but not wanted, gift is simply a very practical and logical man. You need to take him by the hand and explain in plain English thanks, but more romance is needed from him, not Dysons!

Stocking Fillers
If you recieve personal small gifts, such as books and Cds, this is a good thing, as it shows he has actually thought about what you really like, who your favourite author is, or what you have been pining over. He is more likely to keep it up throughout the year too, you lucky girl!

Earrings, bracelets, etc can be fine and thoughtful, providing it is to your taste and he went out of his way to get what you like. However, if it is a ring of the non engagement and no proposal type, beware as he is trying to get you to stick around, but is on no way looking to marry you yet.

He obviously finds you sexy, however, if you never really wear lingerie and tend to sit around in your PJs or girl boxers, he may be trying to hint that your bedroom life needs more spice in it.

If he buys your favourite then it shows he listens and is attentive. Scent is very important to humans and it can create more intimacy, so if he bought you something that smells like your Gran's loo or a hooker, then he couldn't care less about your personal wants or taste.

If he is whisking you away for a break and some quality time together then let me tell you, don't let him go! It's the ultimate romantic gesture that most girls, including me, would give their right arm for!

OK, so it might not be mushy or heart shaped, but trut me a man that buys you the best ipod or new phone is a keeper! Why? Because since caveman began, men like to be the sole owner of cool gadgets and if he is buying you one, he is showing his admiration for you by sharing this ownership.

This can depend if he gets it right or not. A man who can get the perfect fit, latest style and perfect shoe is clearly either gay or the most amazing man on this earth and definitely worth holding onto! A woman's relationship with shoes is sacred and if your man gets it right don't let go, however if he gets it wrong don't worry, just explain to him you are too picky at shoes.

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